Ochazuke dishes with salmon, mushroom

Ochazuke: The Japanese Dish Made For Tea Lovers

Made with tea poured over a bowl of cooked rice, ochazuke is Japan's underrated gift to tea-infused cuisine.

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New Ways To Understand Tea & Health [2019 Edition]

Tea has a mighty reputation as a healthy drink, but is there science to back up those claims?

Tea and medicine
Picture of Seattle skyline

Where To Drink: One Day In Seattle

Tea lover visiting Seattle? You’re in luck. Seattle may be famous for its coffee, but it's also got a kickass tea scene that's one of the best in the country.

Tea Design: How To Create Beautiful & Practical Tea Sessions

I’ve been creating pretty but practical tea sessions since 2012. Good tea design has helped me share tea with thousands of people, both online and in-person.

Spring tea arrangement
Collage of cha xi setups, brighter

Seasonal Tea Arrangements: Spring

In China, spring means the arrival of fresh green tea, and for the long time-honored tea traditions of the world, the tea table changes along with the seasons.

The Future of Tea: Takeaways From The Experts

Will we still have good tea to drink in 20 years? Will the next generation even know what good tea is?

World map made from sencha leaves
Image of tea in pitcher and two cups, and sunflower seeds

The Joy of Serving Tea

There aren’t many things in life that I love more than good tea, except perhaps having good tea with good company.

Tea recommendations are great and all, but you gotta learn to trust yourself, too!

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