Two cups of the same tea made with different waters. Left, no stains. Right, stains.

5 Reasons To Test The Water You Use To Brew Tea

If you're serious about the quality of your tea, you also gotta be serious about water -- let's talk about why.

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Matcha vs. Monster Energy

When it comes to staying awake for those long, solo car drives, energy drinks reign supreme. But what if there was a better option?

Matcha bowl and whisk next to a couple of monster energy drinks
lineup of bottled waters

Details On Bottled Waters

What makes each water brand different? I assembled seven different commonly accessible bottled waters to compare and break it down.

Water Matters! Comparing Bottled Waters for Green Tea

I firmly believe that good water is just as important as good tea. Read about how to make your tea collection even better!

Electric kettle next to a few different brands of bottled water

Tea recommendations are great and all, but you gotta learn to trust yourself, too!

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