To master tea, all you need is a little curiosity.

And hey, I'm not saying we're tea masters or anything (not by a long shot!), but we've learned enough the last 10 years to create a confident tea practice that has radically changed our lives for the better.

And the tea keeps getting better. Every. Single. Day.

If you're ready to gain the knowledge AND confidence you need to do more in tea, I'm right here with you. Here, you'll find the methods I've shared with thousands of tea people through over 100+ tea workshops; tried-and-tested through many years of tea practice.

This is the stuff that's guaranteed to make you go "holy crap, where has this been all my life?!". I know because I only wish I'd learned all this stuff sooner, too. ;)

From in-depth origin explorations to advanced brewing methods, here's what we have on the docket...

FALL 2020

Tea + H2O: How To Choose & Create The Perfect Water For Brewing Tea


Learn how to get the absolute max from your teas by mastering tea's non-negotiable foundation: water.

In this course you'll learn how to choose the right water for your tea, right down to specific tea and water pairings for matcha, cold brew, etc.

Also includes:

  • the history of tea & water scholarship, spanning 1,200 years
  • how to source great water while traveling away from home
  • how to maximize our versatile Tea Curious water recipe.

How To Taste
and Source Fantastic Taiwanese Teas


A hands-on tasting workshop, including 16 samples of must-know Taiwanese teas.

Unlock the potential of Taiwan's teas, which are some of the most approachable yet rewarding teas in the world.

Learn about different Taiwanese tea types and how to confidently choose and purchase them from tea shops, as well as about Taiwan's unique tea culture and tea brewing techniques.

More details coming soon.

Tea 101: The Friendly Guide to Serious Tea Drinking


Ready to take the deep dive into tea? This workshop is designed for you.

A hands-on tasting workshop where you'll learn the critical methods you need for the start of your tea journey.

Taste and learn about the most common teas in the market, and identify your favorite types to explore more in your tea practice.

More details coming soon.


Your teacher (and fellow student in tea!)...

A picture of the author

My name is Rie and I’m the founder of Tea Curious. I'm a professional tea nerd and consultant for the tea industry.

I’ve been serious about tea for 11 years and counting. Along the way I’ve seen the ins and outs of the tea world, both as a consumer and as an active part of the wholesale tea biz.

I’ve bought bad tea, made questionable teaware investments, and seen the ebb and flow of the market over the years. Through it all, I’ve become confident in my ability to select fantastic teas and serve them in various contexts beyond my wildest dreams.

In 2019, I participated in the first ever Tea Masters Cup USA in Las Vegas, NV and won 2nd Place in Tea Preparation.

I also host tea workshops across the country at events like Northwest Tea Festival, Brooklyn Coffee & Tea Fest, and LA Tea Festival.

I’m not a supertaster, nor did I grow up with a tea drinking family.

All it takes is practice, and a little guidance.

I want you to feel confident as you navigate the tea world, too. Let’s get started.