Choices In Cha Xi: Takeaways From The Cha Xi Challenge 2020

In May 2020, we hosted a 2 week challenge to explore the concept of Cha Xi, or "tea play" - the art of designing a beautiful and practical tea session. Here's what we saw after over 100 tea sessions!

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Data From The Pu'erh Love Challenge (After Almost 300 Pu'erhs!)

In April 2020, we launched a 2 week challenge to explore as much pu'erh as humanly possible -- and in the process, we saw some interesting trends in our drinking habits. Here's what we found.

Banner for the Pu'erh Love Challenge
Banner for the Pu'erh Love Challenge

The Pu'erh Love Challenge

It's no secret that pu'erh can be a bit intimidating to get into, and even more intimidating once you discover how much more there is to learn.

But to take on any tea, all we gotta do is taste.

The Green Tea Drink Down Challenge: Data & Takeaways From 120+ Tea Sessions

In March 2020, we drank some old green teas and learned some things from more than 120 tea sessions. Here’s what happened.

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Tea recommendations are great and all, but you gotta learn to trust yourself, too!

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